Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm upset

Its midnight, and I can't sleep. Damn.. Bloody hell. This is rubbish... WTF? Why on earth?

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Did Bradman need 4 more?

Everyone gets it wrong. Sir Don Bradman did NOT need 4 runs to have a test batting average of 100. A recent post on cricinfo demonstrates this ignorance.
Did the Oval crowd know it was Bradman’s last innings in 1948? “That they might have, because England were bowled out for 52 and Australia were 117 for no loss when Bradman came in. So it was unlikely he was going to bat again. But I don’t think anyone in the crowd would have known he needed four more for an average of 100. Statistics weren’t that big then. Neither were they called the Invincibles on that tour. That’s all retrospective coinage.”
Now let us look at the stats to prove my point.

Don Bradman scored 6996 runs and ended up with an average of 99.94. That means 6996 runs were scored in 70 innings (runs/innings = average). On his last innings he ended up with a duck. Therefore, he had scored 6996 in 69 innings itself and the last one, the 70th did not contribute even a single run to that aggregate.

Applying our formula of run/innings, we get 6996/69 = 101.39. That's right! Don Bradman average over a 100 before his last test innings. So, we need re-phrase the term - "he needed four more for an average of 100".

The correct term would be "He needed four more to maintain his average over 100".

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Hungarian GP Winners Losers

  1. Hamilton. More than the win, I think he has set the scene for Alonso's departure. Regardless of who the WDC is going to be, (though its quite likely to be Hamilton) Alonso will not be happy.
  2. KR. Great drive in the Ferrari. Considering that his blow-hot, blow-cold team mate finished 13th or 14th or whatever, Kimi did a fantastic job
  3. Heidfeld. Great result for him and BMW.
  4. Ralf. Outqualified Trulli and then out raced hm. Plus 3 points in the bag
  5. Rosberg. Even though he had a weird strategy, it was a nice drive. I'm not fully convinced that it was right strategy, but the proof's in the pudding. Finishing ahead of both the Renaults, both RBRs and one Toyota is sweet, but to finish ahead of a Ferrari is Mega!
  1. Alonso. I don't know who started it, but its obvious that Alonso lost out badly here. I'm not a big fan of unnecessary gamesmanship a-la Micheal Schumacher. This guy has talent and doesn't need to resort to this kind of tricks. If he had not tried to rob Hamilton of his last lap, its very likely that Alonso would have finished 1st or 2nd. That would have meant 5 or 3 more points than his current 5 points. All these points will come in handy as the season comes to an end. If Alonso loses that championship by less than 5 points, then this is where he lost those points.
  2. Massa. The pendulum is swinging away
  3. McLaren. I don't think I will be fan for much longer f this continues. Hello Kimi!
  4. Trulli. History tells us that Trulli goes backwards in races. He qualifies well and then finishes a couple of places lower. This time, he didn't even qualify well.
  5. Fisi. What on earth was he doing in this race?

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