Thursday, April 23, 2009

The votes are out

Don't want to vote for Congress, because of the Reservation issue. Arjun Singh really made sure that they are not in my radar. I'm not against affirmative action, but am against the incompetent implementation of it. The really disadvantaged and exploited classes will not get any benefit from Reserveration. It is the "creamy layer" that exploits Reservation. It was Arjun Singh in a TV interview who said that he believes Reservation is forever and does not believe that the "creamy layer" should be excluded. Perhaps a 1000 years from now, we will still have different castes in India hankering after a "Backward caste" tag.

Don't want to vote for BJP, because of increasing communalism from them. Their brand of Hindutva does not match my Hindu values of tolerance, acceptance of different points of view and a multi-facetted spiritual reality. Jainism influenced Hinduism by bringing in the concept of Puja, Veg Food (before that we were all about Animal sacrifice, and Yajnas). Buddhism influenced Hindu towards philosophy and higher thought (before that we were about rituals). Christian influences brought in charitable work (before that we were all about enriching ourselves.  This is not what the BJP stand for and it does not match my values.

Don't want to vote for JD-S, because of Deve Gowda and how he paralyzed development in Karanataka. Plus, their party projects a pro-rural bent but actually does nothing of note for the rural poor. Didn't do anything for the rural rich either and spent all his time in useless rhetoric.

Don't want to look at SP, because they want to outlaw English, Computers and the Internet (Its true and part of their Manifesto). Apparently by banning these urban evils, the rural poor get a chance to compete. I wonder what the SP Movie Stars will look like without the magic of computerized editing, soft lens, and other technological advances that so hinder our rural masses.

Don't care about the Commies, because they are living in the past. Their blind hatred of the West may have been fashionable a couple of decades back, but that's just archaic today. Its their lack of pragmatism that caused Jyoti Basu to miss out on the Prime Ministership a decade back.

Don't want the DMK because of all the pro-LTTE stand that they have. Prabhakaran is a damn terrorist. I still remember the fear that was in Mysore about the LTTE wanting to blow up KRS. Today MK has the gall to talk about friendship with LTTE. 

Don't like the AIADMK because of their heroine-worship. I still remember the TV images of Pannerselvam, the CM of TN, prostrating himself as if JJ was a goddess. I don't believe in worshipping human beings.

Don't understand the BSP because of their penchant for building statues, parks and other eye candy glorifying the Dalit cause. If they really care for the Dalit cause, they should spend the money in uplifting the disadvantaged and oppressed rather than building gaudy crap.

So, who do I vote for? No one?

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fake IPL Player!

This is a great blog. Nice tidbits about KKR. All bets are off on who the mystery blogger is. Seems to be a Cal boy. No real names in the blog but its pretty obvious who he means.

I really liked the description about a certain commentator - Kishen Kanhaiyya. Looks like Ravi Shastri to me. Plus there are others. A former Captain Lord Almightly - no doubt about that one. A opening batsman - Calypso King - again no issues there and finally an Indian Fast Bowler - "Little John".

Equally interesting is his description of the coach and his entourage.

Blogging at it best! Recommended Reading, I just hope it continues.

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Bento C&H

Bento is really cool. Check out this C&H version.