Monday, February 26, 2007

One of the best Dilbert's ever!

Scott Adams really nails it with this one. link.

More often than not this seems to be the case where Managers control all the critical items required for the success of a project

  1. Budget
  2. Schedule
This is true of a lot of industries!

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The best page on the net

for the "in" crowd, that is. Plenty of links to all the places that create a buzz!. link.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Nothing to do

Yawn!! That's the problem with these General Strikes...

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Now that the Cauvery Tribunal

has awarded x TMC of water to TN, y to Karnataka and the rest between Kerala and Pondi, the biggest question I was asked was - WHAT IS TMC?

The answer is quite nicely put here. So, 419 TMC means 11865 Million Cubics Meters of water or 11865 Billion Liters of Water!

Its time we changed to SI units fully.

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A new QC2

I flew from Bangalore to Dallas via Frankfurt last week. The Frankurt-Dallas flight was overbooked so the airline (very efficiently :-)) gave the option to fly via Houston for a tidy sum of 300 Euros. The delay? Around 2 hours in total.

How best to spend 300 Euros is the question I asked myself during last week, and finally decided to buy Bose's QC2 Headphones. They costed around $325 (after tax) and I got to use them on the flight back home on Sunday.

The noise reduction *really* works. There is still a slight hum that you hear, but its far less than the background roar that one hears without it. It does not have much of a value if the flight is for a few hours but when you are doing a US to India trip with close to 20 hours on an airplane, it really pays off. It fits quite nicely around the ears and does not hurt even when worn for a long stretch of time.

The main drawback is the AAA battery that is required. It is supposed to last about 40 hours and that makes it only 1 return trip :-).

On the whole, a good buy (basically free for me), but its still the honeymoon period! Would I have spent $325 of my money on it? Probably not.

There are alternatives out there but not a well known. I'm not sure about their performance but this is a brand that has good recognition at home and that itself notches up a free brownie points.

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