Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gmail has IMAP but it doesn't work yet

Gmail now supports IMAP, Ya! OR so I thought.

I deleted my POP email in Thunderbird and went through the configuration steps in gmail help. The final step was to enable IMAP in settings.

To my horror, its not there! It still says "Forwarding and POP", when it should have said "Forwarding and IMAP/POP".

I read the official announcement again, and found this tiny disclaimer

As we roll out the feature over the next couple of days, you will be able to use Gmail at work, in your car, or just about anywhere on any device, and actions you take will be automatically synced with Gmail on the web (and remember it works the other way too: anything you do on the Web will be seen on your phone or in your mail client). Just click the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab in your Gmail "Settings" and turn it on. (Psst. If you don't see the "IMAP" in the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab, then check back soon. We are giving it to users as fast as we can).
Gosh Darn... Now to wait and watch.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Many a slip between the cup and the lip

I saw the Brazilian GP all the way, and was in disbelief when KR won. Mind you, I didn't have any real favorites or was rooting against anyone. Things have changed from the MS years.

If we analyze the Ferrari, McLaren foursome's season, no one really was consistent throughout the season.

1. KR. Started in style at Aus, but then slipped back until the European leg was truly underway. Starting from France, Kimi has finished on the Podium in all races except Germany, and has never qualified below 3rd except at Monza where he was 5th. So, one can say that he was really consistent in the next half of the season.
2. LH. His season too had 2 different halves. In the first half, he was really on top, finishing on the podium in every race until Germany. From Germany it was a sea-saw. He won 2 race but also finished up and down the order. After the Japanese GP, he had over a 90% chance of winning the championship but still lost. I think the pressure was getting to him in the second half of the season and that started affecting his results.
3. FA. I think he had a fairly inconsistent season. He would win one race and then finish 7th or something in the next. Take Monaco, Canada, USGP and France. In those 4 races FA finished 1st, 7th, 2nd and 7th respectively. He followed that with a 2nd place at Silverstone. I think it was this inconsistency that lost him the championship and NOT just losing points to LH.
4. Massa. Had a lukewarm start but then won a couple of races in a row. If we look at his results, they just weren't good enough. Lots of podiums and lots of retirements as well. No bulletproof reliability in his Ferrari this season.

Guys who were winners this season
1. KR. Super star!
2. LH. Despite the hype created by the English press, he really is very good. The second season would be interesting.
3. Kubica. Cool show all season
4. Heikki. Maybe a bit up and down but improved considerably over the season
5. Vettel. This guy has talent and could do wonders in a good car.
6. Alonso. Despite all the temper tantrums and angry fits, I think he did the best he could. He had a new team with a style that's possibly alien to his own and yet he managed to hold his own. I hope he stays in McLaren.

Guys who shouldn't have raced. (Bit cruel here but that just my opinion).
1. Ralf. I'm not a natural fan of his. He's always blown hot and blown cold but this season it was colder than ever.
2. Rubens. Not much to say here. The Honda was pretty poor, and he did manage to out drive Button a couple times, but towards the end there really was no fight.
3. Webber. I'm a fan but this season was not what he would have wanted after leaving Williams last season.
4. Fisi. Less said the better.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Scary Moment

I went by Eva's Kinetic to work today. The road adjacent to BEML on the way to work is paved with concrete and not asphalt. As I was driving on this road, I found it to be a bit slippery and slowed down a bit. It had rained last night and it didn't make sense to take chances on a wet concrete road.

Just as I slowed down, I noticed two bikes (rather one bike and one scooty) driving towards me. The bike guy was trying to overtake the girl on the scooty and cut the girl off. The girl hit the brakes and immediately lost control. Very quickly she and the guy were stuck together like glue on a slippery road, with no control and driving straight at me.

Thankfully, I managed to turn away from them at the last moment. They must have missed me by millimeters!

Just as they careened past me, they lost complete control and landed up on the road and soon came to a stop.

I too stopped to catch my breath and watch what happened. The girl obviously pissed off, jumped up and starting shouting at the guy. I just thanked my stars and continued to work.


Stupid B*stard. Nearly killed one girl on a scooty, and almost got me as well.

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