Thursday, October 18, 2007

Scary Moment

I went by Eva's Kinetic to work today. The road adjacent to BEML on the way to work is paved with concrete and not asphalt. As I was driving on this road, I found it to be a bit slippery and slowed down a bit. It had rained last night and it didn't make sense to take chances on a wet concrete road.

Just as I slowed down, I noticed two bikes (rather one bike and one scooty) driving towards me. The bike guy was trying to overtake the girl on the scooty and cut the girl off. The girl hit the brakes and immediately lost control. Very quickly she and the guy were stuck together like glue on a slippery road, with no control and driving straight at me.

Thankfully, I managed to turn away from them at the last moment. They must have missed me by millimeters!

Just as they careened past me, they lost complete control and landed up on the road and soon came to a stop.

I too stopped to catch my breath and watch what happened. The girl obviously pissed off, jumped up and starting shouting at the guy. I just thanked my stars and continued to work.


Stupid B*stard. Nearly killed one girl on a scooty, and almost got me as well.

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