Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Man's best friend

This is one heck of a cute photograph!

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European GP Winners Losers

  1. Alonso. I don't know if he deserved this win, but in the rain he was really quick. This is not just the last 2 laps but the first part as well.
  2. Massa. Probably disappointed with the result. He should have won this. In hindsight, 8 points is not bad.
  3. Webbo, DC and RBR. Amazing result for them! Kudos...
  1. Kimi. I'm not sure what is it about Kimi and 'Ring. He just cannot win! This time, he didn't make it easy on himself. If he had not made the silly mistake entering the pits, Massa would have had to wait behind him. True, he didn't finish due to a mechanical problem, but atleast he wouldn't have come away looking a bit foolish.
  2. Hamilton. I think he reminded everyone that he is actually a rookie this time around. Choosing the wrong tyre was a classic mistake. If he had been a little prudent, he would have been able to come away with a point or two. However, its amazing how he kept his wits around him when he ran into the gravel and was able to keep the engine running.
  3. Barrichello. I'm making a point here. When he was at Ferrari, he and MS were nearly invincible in the Rain. MS has always been better than the rest in the rain, but RB also had a reputation of being able to "fly" in the rain. He did neither in this race. JB got upto 4th at one point! Where was RB?
  4. Toyotas. Cologne is supposed to be just 50 kms away. Enough said.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

2007 British GP Winners Losers

  1. Kimi. The way he hustled Hamilton in the first stint and blew past Alonso in the third was just amazing.
  2. Alonso. He did the best he could, but the tyre strategy was surely wrong. If he had gone in with Soft Tyres in the third stint, he would not have lost over 6 seconds to Kimi on fresh tyres. He would have lost time, but it would have made Kimi's outlap very interesting. End of the day, this is what we expected - a Kimi Vs. Alonso battle. This time Kimi came on top
  3. Kubica. Cool drive! Not only did he outqualify and finish higher than Quick Nick, he managed to hold back Massa for 14 laps in the end. That's really cool.
  4. Honda. For once, they got it right (well... sort of) and got both cars in the top 10.
  1. Webber. Well... I'm not sure what's the problem. Is it Red Bull's lack of reliability or is he just a bad luck magnet.
  2. Williams. Really a poor result and that too in their home GP.
  3. Toyota. I wasn't sure whether to put them here or in the Winners list. They did astonishingly well in qualifying but screwed it up completely in the race. So... Its the Loser's list.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Spaghetti in Tomato Basil sauce

I can make a mean Spaghetti in a Tomato Basil sauce!! Here's my recipe.

  1. 4 Tomatoes
  2. Spaghetti sticks (or whatever they are called)
  3. A little Basil (Tulsi)
  4. A few cloves of garlic
  5. Olive Oil
  6. A little Mozzarella Cheese
  7. A dash of Thyme
  8. A dash of Parsley powder
  9. A dash of freshly ground pepper
  10. Salt to taste
Now on to the recipe
  1. Take a pot of water and put about 1 teaspoon of salt in it. Put the spaghetti sticks in and cook over a light flame.
  2. As the same time, take a large saucepan and pour some olive oil in it.
  3. Heat the oil till it starts to get hot. Put finely chopped garlic into the olive oil and saute.
  4. Throw in the Thyme, Parsley Powder and some of the finely chopped basil and continue to saute.
  5. While the garlic is being sauted, cut 3 tomatoes into quarters. Put the tomatoes, 1 clove of garlic and rest of the Basil into a blender (a.k.a mixie) and make a fine puree.
  6. By now the garlic would have started to go golden brown. Pour the puree into the saucepan.
  7. Cut the remaining tomato into quarters and put it into the saucepan.
  8. Keep the lid open and continue to cook the sauce.
  9. At the same time keep checking on the spaghetti. Push down the sticks into the water and keep cooking until they soften.
  10. Both the sauce and spaghetti take about 15-20 minutes to cook. The sauce will reduce from a watery puree to a thick red sauce.
  11. Slice up a bit of the Mozzarella cheese into small cubes and put them into the sauce.
  12. Stir the sauce to melt the cheese.
  13. Drain the spaghetti from the water using a sieve.
  14. Once the cheese has melted into the sauce put the spaghetti into the sauce and mix well.
  15. Serve immediately!
Full Veg. All ingredients available in Bangalore, including the cheese, herbs and spaghetti. Since I don't cook meat at home, I have no clue on how to add meatballs to it.

Mama Mia!

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Monday, July 02, 2007

F1 French GP 2007 Winners Losers

  1. KR. He needed to win and he did. According to Massa KR was luckier with the backmarkers. I'm not sure about that. The last pitstop times for Massa and KR were 8 odd seconds vs. 7 odd seconds. When KR came out of the pits he was just ahead of Massa. So....
  2. Ferrari. Big win after the American leg. Ferrari were eating McLaren dust in Montreal and Indy, here it was the other way around
  3. Button. Wow! For once, I have something good to say about a Honda. Good to see him in the points
  4. Fisi. Good result for Renault. Plus he managed to hold back Alonso.
  5. BMW. Cool Strategy. Alonso and Hamilton may have overtook the BMWs on the track but they got one back by beating Alonso in the pits.
  1. Alonso. Lost out big here. Its not how many points he gets that is important but how many he gets in relation of Hamilton that's of concern. Hamilton gained 4 points on Alonso here and now leads the WDC by 14 points. Plus he has 17 points over Massa and 22 points over Kimi.  That means if he loses 2 points to Massa every race from here,  Massa would just edge him by 1 point. Plus Kimi has to make sure that he beats Hamilton by 2 places every now and then. Alonso has is slightly easier, but he still needs to beat Hamilton in almost every race from here on.
  2. RBR. Where were they this race?
  3. Sato. After the highs in Montreal this was possibly his worst result
  4. Rosberg. Bad luck to finish just out of the points.

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