Tuesday, July 24, 2007

European GP Winners Losers

  1. Alonso. I don't know if he deserved this win, but in the rain he was really quick. This is not just the last 2 laps but the first part as well.
  2. Massa. Probably disappointed with the result. He should have won this. In hindsight, 8 points is not bad.
  3. Webbo, DC and RBR. Amazing result for them! Kudos...
  1. Kimi. I'm not sure what is it about Kimi and 'Ring. He just cannot win! This time, he didn't make it easy on himself. If he had not made the silly mistake entering the pits, Massa would have had to wait behind him. True, he didn't finish due to a mechanical problem, but atleast he wouldn't have come away looking a bit foolish.
  2. Hamilton. I think he reminded everyone that he is actually a rookie this time around. Choosing the wrong tyre was a classic mistake. If he had been a little prudent, he would have been able to come away with a point or two. However, its amazing how he kept his wits around him when he ran into the gravel and was able to keep the engine running.
  3. Barrichello. I'm making a point here. When he was at Ferrari, he and MS were nearly invincible in the Rain. MS has always been better than the rest in the rain, but RB also had a reputation of being able to "fly" in the rain. He did neither in this race. JB got upto 4th at one point! Where was RB?
  4. Toyotas. Cologne is supposed to be just 50 kms away. Enough said.

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