Monday, July 02, 2007

F1 French GP 2007 Winners Losers

  1. KR. He needed to win and he did. According to Massa KR was luckier with the backmarkers. I'm not sure about that. The last pitstop times for Massa and KR were 8 odd seconds vs. 7 odd seconds. When KR came out of the pits he was just ahead of Massa. So....
  2. Ferrari. Big win after the American leg. Ferrari were eating McLaren dust in Montreal and Indy, here it was the other way around
  3. Button. Wow! For once, I have something good to say about a Honda. Good to see him in the points
  4. Fisi. Good result for Renault. Plus he managed to hold back Alonso.
  5. BMW. Cool Strategy. Alonso and Hamilton may have overtook the BMWs on the track but they got one back by beating Alonso in the pits.
  1. Alonso. Lost out big here. Its not how many points he gets that is important but how many he gets in relation of Hamilton that's of concern. Hamilton gained 4 points on Alonso here and now leads the WDC by 14 points. Plus he has 17 points over Massa and 22 points over Kimi.  That means if he loses 2 points to Massa every race from here,  Massa would just edge him by 1 point. Plus Kimi has to make sure that he beats Hamilton by 2 places every now and then. Alonso has is slightly easier, but he still needs to beat Hamilton in almost every race from here on.
  2. RBR. Where were they this race?
  3. Sato. After the highs in Montreal this was possibly his worst result
  4. Rosberg. Bad luck to finish just out of the points.

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