Monday, February 05, 2007

A new QC2

I flew from Bangalore to Dallas via Frankfurt last week. The Frankurt-Dallas flight was overbooked so the airline (very efficiently :-)) gave the option to fly via Houston for a tidy sum of 300 Euros. The delay? Around 2 hours in total.

How best to spend 300 Euros is the question I asked myself during last week, and finally decided to buy Bose's QC2 Headphones. They costed around $325 (after tax) and I got to use them on the flight back home on Sunday.

The noise reduction *really* works. There is still a slight hum that you hear, but its far less than the background roar that one hears without it. It does not have much of a value if the flight is for a few hours but when you are doing a US to India trip with close to 20 hours on an airplane, it really pays off. It fits quite nicely around the ears and does not hurt even when worn for a long stretch of time.

The main drawback is the AAA battery that is required. It is supposed to last about 40 hours and that makes it only 1 return trip :-).

On the whole, a good buy (basically free for me), but its still the honeymoon period! Would I have spent $325 of my money on it? Probably not.

There are alternatives out there but not a well known. I'm not sure about their performance but this is a brand that has good recognition at home and that itself notches up a free brownie points.

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