Monday, December 19, 2005

Alonso to McLaren

This is a very surprising development. link. (via doctorvee). Patrick Faure's comments are here.

I wonder how this will play out. One scenario that a lot of people are talking about is - M Schumacher Retires, Kimi moves to Ferrari. If this is going to happen, where will Rossi fit in? The implication of Alonso's move is that McLaren would rather have Alonso instead of Kimi. It could also be due to Kimi making a move to Ferrari.

With all these wholesale changes, fan loyalty is going to be tested, but moving to Ferrari will be a really smart move for Kimi. 2007 is when all teams, including McLaren and Renault move from Michelin to Bridgestone. Both Kimi and Alonso would then have to settle down in a new team and get used to different rubber, but Kimi would have the advantage given the "special" relationship between Ferrari and Bridgestone.

All this hangs in the balance. Kimi moving to Ferrari is only speculation at this point of time. Plus, we don't know if Micheal Schumacher is going to retire or leave Ferrari or partner Kimi. Where does this leave Felipe Massa? Or are we definitely going to see a Rossi-Kimi combination at Ferrari?

Its Silly Season at its very best!!

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