Monday, January 09, 2006

Creativity Myths

Here's a post that debunks some of the Myth's about Creativity and what make people creative. link.

This is particularly true in software companies, where everyone has an idea on how to "fix" the creativity issues.

While not related to only creativity, couple of myths that people have about software engineering is -
  1. Software Engineering is just a fancy word for Coding.
  2. There is no difference between a Software Engineer and a Software Programmer
  3. Gathering Requirements, and spending time on design is a waste of time
  4. Following Software Process stifles Creativity
These myths are not only widespread in the Software Industry but there is also a lot of resistance in accepting these as myths. Here are a couple things that no software engineer would ever do in his real life
  1. Buy a house that does not have a plan
  2. Buy a car that is not certified to be safe
  3. Buy clothes that look good but tear within an hour of putting it on.
  4. Eat food that appears beautiful (a.k.a creative) but unhygienic.
Yet the same Software Engineer is more that willing to accept shortcuts in his/her professional life. Hypocrisy -thy truest practitioner is a Software Engineer

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