Monday, August 07, 2006

Hungary 2006 GP Winners Losers


1. JB. Finally a win after all the waiting. Considering that Honda were on the brink of disaster a few races back, this must be an amazing result. What makes it even more special is the fact that he beat RB, who is considered by many to be one of the better drivers in the wet.
2. Honda. 13 points from the race in which Renault scored 0 and Ferrari scored 3 points. Great result. Could have been better had their gamble with RB's tyres had paid off. Otherwise, it could have been 2 Hondas on the podium
3. Heidfeld. Podium finish was the result of a clinical drive. No dramas, no spins and no overdriving from him. The TV producer did not even pick him up until he actually got ready to challenge MS for the Podium. That means he drove a quite, clinical and yet effective race.
4. DLR. After the 1st pitstops was starting to close in on KR, and perhaps that way contributed towards his losing a bit of concentration and crashing out. 2nd place was a fantastic finish for him.
5. DC. To get the RB in the points is pretty good, but to finish 5th, which is ahead of both the Ferraris is pretty amazing.
6. Michelin. The wet weather tyre that they brought was literally miles ahead of Bridgestone. There was no way that Alonso could have driven around the outside of MS, the Rain-meister, without a huge advantage.

1. Renault. A rare DNF for Alonso, but for both the Renaults to DNF when conditions were some much in their favour does not speak well. Very rarely does one see the Ferraris losing badly if things are in their favour. In the end, it was 3 points lost to Ferrari when there could have been two Renaults on the podium.
2. Bridgestone. A poor tyre from them, and yet is unfair to blame them completely for the Ferraris failure. RS finished ahead of both the Ferraris and he was on Bridgestones as well. Nevertheless, the Bridgestones were a poor match to the Michelins this race
3. Alonso. A great oppurtunity lost. It would have been 9 points in his favour and would have tilted the scales hugely in his favour. Can't blame him too much if the problem was Mechanical
4. KR. A bad miss. A really bad miss. Too many times, McLaren and KR have cocked it up when things are going well for them. It was because of such failures that they lost both the championships last year. Compare that to Ferrari, and it looks like MS and Ferrari are going to fight all the way.
5. Massa. Looked totally lost in the rain. MS also was struggling but once it stopped raining, he made up for it as much as he could. Massa didn't even look like he was trying.

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