Monday, March 19, 2007

Australia 2007 GP Winners Losers


  1. KR. Awesome pace from start to finish. If the Ferraris can be reliable and fast, it will be difficult for Alonso to retain his title. In 2003, KR finished 2nd in the WDC with a reliable but slower car and in 2005, he finished 2nd with a fast but fragile car. Combine the impressive pace seen today with Ferrari's history of reliability, it looks very scary for FA and co.
  2. LH. Impressive would be an understatement. Stunning, superb, exciting are all words that come to mind. Considering that he was ahead of FA for most of the race and except for a rookie's mistake in not passing backmarkers, he might have finished 2nd. That would have been a fairy tale, and its unlikely that FA would have let it happen.
  3. FA. It was interesting to see the way he drove. He was quite content to stay behind LH for most of the race, and then make it stick when it really mattered. Nothing flashy but very clean
  4. Rosberg. Got his Williams home ahead of the factory Toyotas and the "crap" factory Hondas.

  5. Sato. Similar performance to Rosberg as he nearly managed to get his Super Aguri ahead of the both the factory Hondas. JB was going backwards and RB was incapable of overtaking. Sato on the other hand did his job well to finish ahead of JB and just behind RB.

  1. DC. Well.. Atleast he owned up to his mistake, but that's not why he heads this list. Webber was far ahead of him both in Qualifying and in the race. DC moment did come, but that was with all 4 wheels off the ground.
  2. JB, RB and the Hondas. When BAR moved from Bridgestone to Michellin a few years back, they showed a remarkable improvement in pace. The forced move back to Bridgestone was never going to be easy, but they are really in bad shape.
  3. Heikki K. Entertaining yes, but fast no. Especially when you compare him with the other rookie - LH. Renault had a close relationship with Michellin, (similar to Bridgestone and Ferrari) and their lack of pace is showing. He probably had an off day, but his boss wasn't quite as forgiving after the race. Welcome to the big bad world of F1.

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