Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All your bases belong to us

India won the T20 world cup. Yup. Feels good, but a couple things stood out in the final.

Shoaib Malik's captaincy. I liked the way he handled his spinners and especially the part where he made sure they bowled from the correct end. Hitting towards the shorter boundary would mean hitting against the spin and that was smart.

Dhoni's coolness! The man's cool as a cucumber. He looked in control and is definitely captainship material through and through.

Shoaib's offensive statement on the "Support of Muslims around the world". I think Shoaib either got his English wrong or forgot what he wanted to say or is just plain stupid. Cricinfo has a piece deploring it and a quick search on google threw up more here, here and here.

Just to be a bit sarcastic, but perhaps India won because Lord Ganesha removed all obstacles, a trip to Tirupati ensured that Lord Venkateshwara granted the team's wishes and the support of all Hindus around the world ensured that the Indian team won. That just sound's weird and really wrong because it belittles the efforts of everyone in the team, regardless of the religion, caste, or creed.

End of the day, we shouldn't focus too much on the gaffe, if one can call it one. The cricket was superb and I enjoyed watching every minute of it.

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