Sunday, November 02, 2008

Had to turn it off

I'm a Batman fan and make no bones about it. However, I haven't yet seen the latest Batman movie - The Dark Knight. I wanted to setup an office party and get everyone to see this movie. However, it never materialized and I missed catching it at PVR

So, when I was channel surfing today and came across the movie on HBO, I stopped. It was the beginning of the movie and so, I hadn't missed much. However, I could only watch it for 10 minutes or so. Why? Because of the stupid subtitles. 

Looks like HBO has done a half-assed job for the sub-titles for this movie. Its so bad that its not just distracting but just plain irritating and very frustrating. To top it off, (since we don't have TV at home and watching at my in-laws' place), the neighbourhood and household noise made it nearly impossible to follow. The end result? I switched channels. 

Thanks a lot HBO. You just ruined my day. 
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