Saturday, May 09, 2009

A new challenge

I went for a physical checkup yesterday. Its part of my new Gym program. The physio made me stand on a machine and hold on to two rods. Within a minute, the machine spat out some ugly statistics.

1. My BMI is Normal, Ya!
2. My fat mass is high, Oh Oh :-(
3. My muscle mass is low.. Damn.
4. Water retention is poor.
5. BMR is below normal.

So, the machine says that I'm basically a skinny guy, with not muscles, but due to my sedentary lifecycle, I have poor metabolism which is making me gain fat on my tummy. Oh, and I don't drink enough water.

I came back home and told this to Eva. "Big Deal", she said. "I don't need a machine to tell me that about you. Your arms and legs thin, your waist is twice what it should be and I keep telling you to drink more water".

Having spent a good amount of money on the Gym and having got this advice (from a machine) and gleeful sarcasm from the significant other, I have decided to take it seriously this time.

My goals.
1. Reduce my weight by 10 kgs
2. Increase my muscle mass by 1-2 kgs
3. Knock the know-it-all grin from the buttercup's face.

The gym (J P Nagar Branch) is pretty good and adds to the motivation. The staff are really friendly, and very helpful.

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