Monday, February 01, 2010

Link Express trains

Here's a something I didn't know till today. A Link Express is a train that gets attached to a different train at a intermediate junction. It is an express, so that stops are only at the major junctions. However, the funny thing is that if you search for its arrival, it won't turn up. That's because the train number would have changed.

I came across this while searching for Vasco - Bangalore Link Express. I kept searching for the train and just did not find its expected arrival. Thanks to google, I got a different railways website that gave me a map and schedule. There was a comment on that page which explains what a Link Express actually is. So, The Vasco - Bangalore Link Express train actually gets hooked up to Rani Chennamma express at Londa. This is the train you need to search for when looking for arrivals.

Unfortunately, the train is running an hour late.
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