Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cricket world - Bangalore gets to host stupid matches

If you are a Bangalorean and want to watch the world cup at Chinnaswamy Stadium, then here are your choices -

1. On Mar 2, we can look forward to Eng. vs Ireland
2. On Mar 6, the Irish are back. Its Ind vs. Ireland
3. On Mar 13, the Aussies are here. Its Aus vs. Kenya
4. On Mar 16, the Aussies return. Its Aus. vs. Canada.

This sucks!

The 2 Qtr finals are in Bangladesh, 1 in Columbo and 1 at Ahmedabad. The Semis are at Colombo and Chandigarh. The finals in Mumbai.

Kolkata gets atleast 1 good match - Ind. vs. Eng. Delhi has to make good 1 good matchup - SA vs. WI. Chennai has 3 matches not involving minnows - Eng vs. SA, Eng vs. WI and Ind vs. WI.

I wonder why Chennai gets the 3 test playing nation matches... *cough* *cough*.. I have cement in my throat..
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