Sunday, February 03, 2013

Linux news - Feb 2, 2013

1 Automotive Linux

2 Graphics

2.1 QT

2.2 Enlightenment

2.3 Optimus support in Linux

  • One annoynance with the latest Dell laptops we have is that Optimus graphics. With Optimus, there are 2 GPUs - Intel GPU and an Nvidia GPU. In BIOS if you don't turn off the Nvidia GPU and you boot linux, then the CPU fan runs continuously. The solution which IT teams give is to turn off the NVidia GPU and only use Intel. But that means you get a very low resolution when running Linux. Dave Arlie (maintainer for DRM) has started looking at this and even has some code which doesn't require you to turn off the NVidia GPU. Details -

3 General Software Development

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