Saturday, December 14, 2013

candy crush game strategy

Candy Crush is a lot of fun. Basically, all you do is get 3 or more in a row to clear and get points. As you do that you advance in levels. Each level is unique and comes with it's own challenges. That's what makes this game really interesting. To a large extent the game is driven by chance and while there are plenty of information out there on 'cheats' and 'hints', don't bother too much. Instead have fun playing the game

Having said all that, here is some basic strategy you can apply.

  1. Unless you are in time limited level, take your time. Being quick on the trigger isn't always a good thing in this game. Sometimes a stripped candy or a wrapped candy will be there for the taking and you can miss it because you cleared something else.
  2. If you are in a time limited level, make sure you focus on getting the +5 candies. These add to 5 seconds to your time and ensure that you can play for longer.
  3. Sometimes, you will get an opportunity to play for a stripped candy or a wrapped candy i.e by making a particular move you get a stripped candy but by playing a different move on the same set you can get a wrapped candy. As you know the stripped candy can be used to clear a row or a column while the wrapped candy is basically a bomb that clears an area of 3x3. The way I see it, the stripped candy costs 4 in a row while the wrapped candy needs an L or T of 5. That means the wrapped candy is worth more! So, my advice is - given a chance, go for the wrapped candy.
  4. Combing the stripped candy with colour bomb seems to be a better choice that combing a wrapped candy with a colour bomb. Nevertheless, don't be too hasty when joining them up because, you need to make sure that there are enough candies of that colour before you join them up. If you don't have enough of them, just keep clearing candies at the top (of a different colour) till you build them up.
Any more strategic ideas? Share them via the comments below. Also visit the official Candy Crush forums to learn more. Have fun!
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