Monday, April 03, 2006

Australia 2006 GP Winners/Losers

  1. Alonso. Had the speed all the time and even though KR finished less than 2 secs behind, I think that's more due to Alonso slowing down rather than KR catching up. If he really wanted to he could have finished 10-15 secs ahead
  2. Ralf. A great result and that too only Bridgestone tyres. Was consistently fast throughout the weekend. 3rd place is good given the disasters in the first two races. Was the only Bridgestone runner in the top 10.
  3. BMW. Double points finish. Though Williams have a faster car, its more fragile.
  4. Fisi. Managed to get past Button in the most dramatic way.
  5. RB. Finally got some points for Honda, but still has to get used to the Non-Ferrari way of doing things. Hope he can score more as the season progresses.
  1. JPM. Spin king; not just once. The car finally decided that enough is enough!
  2. Ferrari. Both drivers out during the race and it wasn't as if they were setting the track on fire at any time during the weekend.
  3. Speed. Just a bit too anxious to get past DC and ended up being classified behind.
  4. Williams. Lots of promise, but rotten reliability. I accept that they are a privateer team now and with customer engines, one doesn't expect them to dominate, but they did show some good speed
Unluckiest Soul
  1. Definitely Button. 4 points would have kept him in 2nd place in the championship and one never knows how close he will be at the end of the season to Alonso :-). Nevertheless, he gets a brand new engine at San Marino and if the race has fewer safety cars, he might be able to finish on the top step.

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