Monday, April 24, 2006

San Marino 2006 GP Winners/Losers


1. MS. A great race to hold back Alonso. Similar to what Alonso did last year. However, Alonso only held MS back after the final pitstop last year whereas this year it was for almost half the race. It would have been interesting to see if MS could hold Alonso back in some other circuit. He has held other drivers before, notably Ralf in Brazil a few years ago and Hakkinen in Sepang. My money would still be on MS holding Alonso back in most other circuits.
2. Alonso. 36 out of the maximum 40 in the first 4 races is pretty awesome. He leads MS by 15 points and there are 14 races to go. There is no doubt that Alonso will win a few more races this season, and the lead will increase. A repeat of 2005 perhaps
3. JPM. A quiet race. Bit lucky that Honda screwed up badly with Button's car, otherwise, it might have gotten interesting
4. Webber. Good job to get into the points. Score 1 more for Williams over BMW. Plus a huge gap between him and Rosberg on a circuit that Rosberg has driven before.
5. Bridgestone. Stronger result with 4 drivers in the top 10. All those test miles in Europe will definitely help.


1. KR. Looked off-colour all weekend. Was stuck behind Webber for 1 half of the race and then behind Massa towards the end. Overall, 5th is not too good. It looks likely that this is beginning of the end for Raikkonen's term at McLaren.
2. Honda. Really screwed up pitstops. The problem with RB was bad enough but the screwup on Button cost them quite a few points. This is especially irritating, given that JB pulled out the road and DNF'd in Aus. The hope was that he would challenge for a podium (win looked unlikely to me) and make up for that loss. They seem to qualify well and fall back in the race.
3. BMW. Was nowhere in the picture. With Heidfeld indisposed, it didn't look too good for them
4. Ide. First mistake - tipping over Albers. Innumerable others - holding back front runners
5. Overtaking. RIP in this race.

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