Monday, May 08, 2006

European 2006 GP Winners Losers

  1. MS - Held his nerve and had a fantastic pitstop to get by Alonso. Good drive
  2. Alonso - Not sure whether it was Alonso Magic or Renault pace. Fisi seems to finish quite a bit back both in qualifying and in the race. More likely a case of the "No 1 driver gets everything in the Renault team".
  3. Ferrari - Both cars in the podium after a disasterous 2005 and a poor beginning to 2006. Things are hotting up.
  4. Massa - First Podium and hopefully there are many more to come. Was expecting him to lose under the pressure from KR, but held on magnificantly
  5. Barrichello - Finally got some points. Qualified higher up than Button too.
  6. Rosberg - Good finish and a good job done. One more in Williams kitty against BMW, though JV finished only 1 point ahead
  1. Honda, McLaren - Joint losers for not being able to get their second cars to finish. McLaren seem to have a tradition of losing at the European GP.
  2. Heidfeld - JV was faster all weekend and this was a home GP for Quick Nick. Not so quick in this weekend though
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