Sunday, May 28, 2006

Is this racing at its finest?

That's the question that many folks are already asking after Schumacher's "problem" at Monaco. has an quite a bit to say on the pole. link.

No doubt he has been Ferrari's finest drivers of all time, but the fact remains that there have been more than one "hand of god" incidents in his career (with apologies to Diego Maradona). At the other end of the spectrum is possibly one of Ferrari's most loved drivers - Gilles Villeneuve. One of his most memorables races was the '79 France GP. A video showing his epic battle with Rene Arnoux in the last couple of laps is available here and you can read about the GP here.

Update: According to the BBC, Schumacher has been sent to the back of the grid after the stewards ruled that it was a delibrate attempt. link. More at ITV-F1.

Of course, its not Renault laughing all the way, because Fisi has been docked three of his fastest laps as well and he starts from 9th. link

Update 2: Jean Todt is miffed. link.

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