Monday, April 09, 2007

Malaysia 2007 GP Winners Losers


  1. Alonso. He did absolutely everything right from Qualifying to the Race. Massa got the better of him on Sat but by the first corner at the start, Alonso was ahead. He also showed his experience and was faster than his teammate throughout the race, on both hard and soft tyres.
  2. Hamilton. Fantastic result. The way he 'tricked' Massa was just brilliant racecraft. Loved it! But he's still a Rookie, and it showed. FA was faster all throughout the race. Its quite likely that it was FA's ability of going a tenth faster that made the difference between the McLarens and the Ferraris. In the end, KR was very close to Hamilton. Nevertheless, a great drive and even better racecraft - made watching the race worthwhile

  3. KR. Circumspect in the beginning, but came back strongly. Had he been a little faster on the softer tyres, he might have been able to catch LH before the last lap. Historically, McLaren have always been better at using the softer compounds than Ferrari and vice versa.

  4. Fisi. From a disasterous qualifying, to a good finish. Great start too.
  5. Heidfeld. Qualified well and finished one spot ahead. Kept Massa at bay as well

  1. Massa. Boy! Not only did he screw up his chance against LH, he could barely keep up with Quick Nick. Bad day at the office for sure, but I wonder what it has done to his confidence.

  2. Honda. I don't think I'll move them off this part of the list for some time. The way they are going, it looks like its going to be atleast a month or so before they get up to speed. By then the Ferraris and McLarens would have long gone.
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