Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Akki Roti

Here's my recipe. Had a great Breakfast.


1. Rice Flour - 3/4 cup
2. Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup
3. 1 Onion, finely chopped
4. Curd, slightly sour - 1/2 cup
5. 2 Chillies slit and sliced into small pieces. Keep the seeds.
6. Salt to Taste
7. A pinch of Jeera
8. Cooking oil 1/2 teaspoon
9. A few drops of ghee (Clarified butter)

In a mixing bowl put in the rice flour, coconut, salt, chillies and jeera. Mix well with your hands (wash your damn hands before you enter the kitchen and no shoes allowed). Add the onions and continue mixing. Slowly add in the curd and continue to mix. Make sure that the dough starts to bind and does not run. If it starts to become too much of a liquid, add a bit more rice flour. Mix nicely until the dough has bound well.

Now comes the cooking part. Make a small ball out of the dough. It shouldn't be too large a ball otherwise the roti will end up becoming too thick. The thicker the roti, the longer it will take to cook and less likely that it will end up being crisp.

Take a flat pan and add a little (couple of drops) of oils to the center. Put the ball of the dough in the pan, and slowly start pressing it down to make a nice pancake. Be sure to use your fingers to press it down. That will give the roti its characteristic ridges. Make the pancake as thin as possible without leaving in gaps. Turn on the gas to low and cook for about 5-10 minutes. Keep the pan covered while cooking (optional).

The edges should brown as it gets done. Flip the roti over (be careful, as it will break quite easily), and put some nice ghee on the cooked part. Turn off the gas and flip it back over again. The ghee will now cook into the Akki Roti and gas is saved!

And Voila! Its done. Serve with a nice dollop of Green Coconut Chutney and a heart attack inducing slab of Butter.


1. Eva ishtyle. Replace the curd with water. This will make the Akki Roti crisper!. Also, another tip. If you use a Wok instead of a flat pan it will be easier to make the pancake. Warning from Theo - The Akki Rotis are crisper this way but not as tasty :-). However, as Eva has reminded me this morning, I used to eat this type of Akki Roti every time she made it without a single complaint or murmur. So, there!!!

2. Aware-Kallu. I don't know what the English word for this magical bean is or what's biological name, but essentially its a Bean that's available in Bangalore in the winter. Steam the AKs, cool it down and mix it into the dough right before you add in the curd.

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