Friday, December 07, 2007

Number 1 training method - Improved!

I've posted about the number 1 method of improving your driving earlier.

Here's an improved process to number 1
1. Put a Bike at the back of garage such that
a. Its precarious balanced
b. The tyres are punctured (optional)
2. Ensure that the space between the Bike and Garage door (or if you park outside, the gate) is just enough to place a car. For calibration use your car

Rule 1: Every time you back into the garage and you hit the bike, you lose 1 point.
Rule 2: Every time you back into the garage, try to close the door, but find the space lacking (and therefore find yourself having to climb back into the car, turn it on and inch it back), you lose 1 point
Rule 3: If you a lose a point due to Rule 2 and then while moving the car back you infringe on Rule 1, then you lose 2 additional points.

For every point you lose, do something that hurts.
a. Scrooge would donate $1 to charity
b. Micheal Schumacher would let his team-mate race him openly and freely for 1 race
c. I do an extra lap around the park :-)

So, far I owe myself 2548 laps around the damn park. Eva would be please if I did that many laps in this lifetime.

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