Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Monkey See Monkey Do

Forget calling someone a Monkey. Here's 11 other animals.
  1. McGrath - Pigeon, because that's what they call him.
  2. Ponting - Fox, cunning as ever, but he's probably bitten off more than he can chew.
  3. Harbhajan - Male Goat (Ram), since he's always charging into controversy.
  4. Greg Chappell - Vulture; he picked Ganguly's flesh off his bones!
  5. Ian Chappell - Eagle. Says what he means and doesn't beat around the bush.
  6. Hayden - Bull Moose, whatever... you know the reason!
  7. Warne - Definitely a Rooster. He has his flights of fancy when he tries to surround himself with chicks
  8. Viv Richards - Peacock, most certainly
  9. Ishant Sharma - Giraffe... Adam's Apple the size of a cricket ball.
  10. Boon - Walrus, great Mustache too.
  11. Ian Healy - Porkus porkus. Always reminds me of the 3 little pigs.
P.S. I'm not condoning racism but here's a chance for caricaturization.

This also reminds me of an anecdote concerning Javid Miandad. JM was considered to be really cheeky, and a past-master when it came to the art of "mental disintegration". He even called Ravi Shastri by his nickname "Rambo", on live tv.

So, this one time, it seems JM was playing Australia and it was Merv Hughes who was bowling to him. MH completed his follow through when JM walked towards him and tried to catch his eye. MH continued towards his runup area when he found JM was still following him. Out of curiosity, MH asked JM what's he doing. JM said, "I wanted to know if you were going to the parking lot". MH was apparently puzzled and asked JM why. JM supposedly said, "I wanted to see you truck because you look like a Lorry driver!". LOL! The mother of all insults!

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