Monday, January 07, 2008

Which year is it?

Come Feb 07, 2008, we will start the Chinese year of the Rat. Till then it will be year of the Pig.

Going by all the cricket controversies, you would have thought that it was year of the Monkey. If anything, I think this whole stop-the-tour thingie is all Macaque excreta. If Harbhajan was acting like a Chimpanzee by ignoring express instructions not to bring Race into sledging, then he deserves to be banned. However, if its just a case of the Boarish Aussies, then a better solution could have been thought of.

In the end, I think it was a case of high emotions. The Indian team felt robbed by the Umpires. I don't necessarily agree that they should feel so, but that's just my view.

Its a bit funny that emotions have been brought up this way. The Monkey-God Hanuman is one of the most revered God in the Hindu Pantheon. To compare someone with him, would actually be a compliment. Having said that, there really is no place of racism. If Harbhajan was being a racist, he deserves all that he gets, and the BCCI must also apologize to Symonds.

Lets not forget a real case of Racism. Just a year back it was desi, who was called a Macaca and the American Neta who called him that had such a backlash that he had put his tail between his legs.

In my view, its the ICC who are bunch of Langurs. They have screwed up so badly here, that they have a 800 pound Gorilla in the form of India to contend with and if they toe the Indian line, they will end up looking like a bunch of squirrels. If not, Hanuman help them. As for the Aussies, I really hope they improve their humility. They needn't look any further than, Cliff Young, a 61 year old Aussie who in 1983 beat the best of best in a super marathon from Sydney to Melbourne. Sadly Cliff Young passed away recently.

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