Sunday, March 29, 2009

Australian F1 GP 2009 Winners and Losers


1. Brawn GP. This is perhaps one of the greatest if not the greatest fairy tale story in the history of all sport, let alone F1. To come in to race with just 7 days of running, huge uncertainty for months. The cynics may say that this is after all just Honda in sheep's clothing, but let's not forget that this team got its engine deal with Mercedes less that 1 1/2 months. Its amazing how they put that engine into a car designed for something else.
2. Button. Its stating the obvious, but he's won his 2nd GP.
3. Red Bull. Even though they threw away points, they seem to be the fastest non-diffuser team. It also looks like KERS is a handicap in Qualifying. Since RB has no KERS they are better at Qualifying, but they also have the speed during the race.
4. Lewis Hamilton. To start dead last and yet finish 3rd is pretty special. That too with a car that most people have written off!
5. Beumi. 2 points on debut. Good one.


1. Ferrari. I'm sure they are thinking about last year where they didn't score points till the 3rd race and yet won the constructors and also came within a point of winning the driver's championship. However, I don't think that is probable this year. There's no scope for testing. Plus Brawn looks like they have a second a lap over them at this point. Plus having Massa make very negative statements doesn't bring in confidence.
2. Webber. He definitely got it wrong this GP. I don't know if it is bad luck or just plain bad driving, but every race I remember seems to have him in either a crash or the wrong side of a pitstop or the rains or something. Plus Vettel really rubbed it in.

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