Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to burn yourself out

Step 1. Agree to a WW (actually only between US and Ind) teleconf at 6.00PM. The call is pretty important as its a status call where you are one of the presenters
Step 2. Inform Spouse
Step 3. Spouse calls at 5.45 as there is a deadline and she needs to fix something ASAP.
Step 4. Spouse calls in temporary babysitter (a.k.a Granddad) to take over from the real babysitter. GP picks up Granddaughter at 6.15 (win-win for Granddad and Granddaughter).
Step 5. Pick up the little one (already fast asleep) from GP's house at 9.15. From now on, your KRA is to keep her asleep.
Step 6. Check if Spouse is at home. No.. She's still fire-fighting
Step 7. Juggle bundle-of-joy (starting to stir), car keys (which you drop to the garage floor), and house keys
Step 8. Enter house. Find Master bedroom door shut. (As per pre-arranged protocol).
Step 9. Still juggling the Apple-of-my-eye (nearly awake), car keys and house keys, search for master bedroom keys in the study. Don't find it, and so give up.
Step 10. Put the cuppy-cake in her room with the plan to move the crib after dinner. Pray to non-existent superior being that the sugar-plum remains in dreamland. She does!! (Superior Being does exist!)
Step 11. Search for keys and find it! Ya!
Step 12. Change and head to kitchen.
Step 13. Bad luck strikes. No rice. Clean rice, and put the rice cooker to work.
Step 14. Read a blog post about the virtues of having software engineers leave on time -

To add salt to the burn, skip breakfast, have lunch at 1.20 (instead of the usual 12.20), avoid eating anything since that time.

If that doesn't kill you. Rinse, and Repeat.
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