Sunday, March 18, 2012

Australian GP 2012

Overall, a very good race to watch. The DRS is much better this year. Its not a push to pass button and it does look like the drivers do have an opportunity to defend. Otherwise, we would have seen 2 Red Bulls on the Podium instead of just 1.

I was really disappointed that the Mercs faded due to car problems. It would be have been good to see Micheal Schumacher on the Podium, but with Vettel's and Webber's pace, I doubt that he would have.

My winners are

1. Jenson Button
Awesome display. I thought that the Safety car would have given the advantage to Vettel, but it didn't. Its interesting that he pulled away from Vettel and that Hamilton couldn't even attack.
2. Vettel
The car didn't look as fast McLaren but Vettel's on the money. Webber looked good as well but Vettel made the podium.
3. Alonso
What can I say - he's a real Ferrari God. I can't understand how the Tifosi won't love that drive. He battled all the way and never gave up. That's pretty good!
4. Raikkonen
Compared to Schumacher's return, Kimi looked like he belonged. He screwed things up in Qualifying and gave me a real laugh with the question about blue flags, but his cheeky overtaking in the last lap was amazing.
5. Toro Rosso
Seem to have some good young drivers there

Losers -
1. Grosjean.
Tough luck but he could have finished on the podium. Let's wait and watch next week's race.
2. Massa -
Very poor race indeed. He's just not been the same since his Hungary accident.
3. Mercedes -
Their car looked fragile compared to the others out there. For Rosberg to lose out so badly in the end was probably down to the car (as whole package) giving up on him
4. Williams
They probably should have retained Barrichello but lets wait and see. If Maldonaldo and Senna continue to make rookie mistakes, then I will definitely say that they are missing Barrichello. The car looked good - well atleast as fast a Ferrari which is saying quite a bit compared to last year.
5. Hamilton
Don't know why he didn't have the pace but to lose 2 places in the race overall, when he dominated qualifying will come as a disappointment. I would have loved a McLaren 1-2 for sure but Vettel was faster.
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