Monday, April 01, 2013

Ajmera Infinity - location review

Went to Ajmera Infinity over the weekend to checkout the property and see if there are flats available for sale. Its been over 3-4 years since I went to that part of the city - Electronics City and that too the road next to Wipro. What I saw amazed me!

In those short years, the amount of development on the road has been extraordinary.  The road next Wipro (which is actually outside of electronics city) is a shortcut that a friend had told me about. That shortcut takes you to Bannerghatta road. At that time, there were no apts but the Concorde apts were coming up. This time, there are over a dozen projects - either completed or nearly completion. 

Its the location that makes the difference. With a huge number of IT companies in Electronics City, this is the ideal place for property development. Hence, the location of Ajmera Infinity is really good esp. if you work in any of those IT companies. Probably that's what's driving the cost - 4100/- for the remaining 2 flats in D block and 4740/- for the upcoming S and T blocks. That means a tiny 1000 sft 2BHK will set you back a whopping Rs. 4700000!

And that's what I'm not sure about. Its likely that Electronics City will become a fully self contained suburb. In which case, the price is really worth it because you don't have to set out of the suburb for anything. But then, I'm not sure if that's really true for someone from Bangalore. Maybe if you are coming in from another part of India to settle in Bangalore, it makes sense. But otherwise, probably not.
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