Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yesterday's Race - Malaysia 2013

Well, I missed the race (more on that later). But looks like there is a furore about Vettel passing Webber despite team orders.

Firstly, I didn't know that RBR gave team orders "against" Vettel. That's pretty amazing to know.
Secondly, you don't become a triple WDC by standing by and watching your teammate win. As Senna once said, if you see a gap and you don't go for it, you are not a racing driver. Looks like Vettel is from that school!
Thirdly, its tough on Webber, but I'm sure he'll bounce back. I don't think he will go down the path of childish "revenge" - the kind we saw between Alonso and Hamilton. Atleast, I hope he doesn't. Because that childishness caused McLaren a WDC and WCC in 2007.

Winners/Losers - your guess. I haven't seen the race, so, no idea!

If anything, I learnt about "multi-21". I guess it means you hold all the Aces, but then the dealer shafts you by getting two Jacks. 
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