Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fantasy F1 Street Track around Bangalore

If Bangalore were to host an F1 Street race then what would be the track? has a cool application that allows you create your own maps. To answer the above question, I used it and here's what I got. link.

The start-finish would be on Cubbon Road. Turn 1 is a very interesting turn because not only is it quite sharp, it also dips. Turn 2 is actually in front of Queen Victoria's Statute and it would make a nice feature in the race. Its actually not as sharp as it looks and for F1 cars, it should be a fast ride all the way through Turn 3 till Turn 4. The road is downhill from Turn 2 to Turn 3 and is flat till Turn 4.

Turn 4 is an interesting place - Richmond Circle. There's a flyover at the side of Turn 4 and by setting up some spectator stands on the Flyover, one could get a nice view.

Turn 5 to Turn 9 is the tricky, undulating part of the circuit. Turn 6 has a roundabout (circle in Indian Parlay), one the cars would have to go around it. That makes it almost at 180 degree turn before heading up to turn 7. Turn 8 to Turn 9 is quite exciting as the road really dips as it curves to the right.

Turn 9 too is going to be nasty as the road dips sharply. Soon after Turn 9, the road head up the hill on Residency road, till Mayo Hall on Turn 10 and onto MG Road. Turn 11 should be pretty straightforward and its back onto the start-finish straight.

How long is this circuit? I'm not sure, but I'm guessing around 4-5 kms. That would make it 50-60 lap circuit.

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