Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mutiny in the ranks

A British Army regiment has demoted its mascot, a goat, from the rank of Lance Corporal to a Fusilier. link. True Story!!

But the quotes are just hilarious.

Sample these one.
Since the goat's demotion, soldiers of a lower rank are no longer expected to salute Billy as a sign of respect, Coates said.
I'm trying quite hard to imagine which is sillier? A Private in the regiment saluting the goat or the Captain of the regiment demoting the goat. Was there a court-martial?

What did the poor goat do? The eyewitness account takes the cake.
Capt. William Rose, a soldier present at the parade, said the goat "was trying to head-butt the waist and nether regions of the drummers."

Myopic view of
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