Monday, June 05, 2006

Video showing tragic deaths in F1 has an exceptional post about different drivers who have died inside a F1 car. link. They also link a post on livejournal that has a thread going. link.
The video from the post is jaw dropping and really disturbing. link.

Just seeing the video makes one realize how far F1 has come in terms of safety. I remember seeing Senna's accident live and it makes sick even now. I was in Residential School at time and had got a Sunday off to go back home. I was really excited about the race, especially since it looked like Senna had a young upstart to contend with. What I saw that day, shocked me and I gave up seeing F1 for nearly 2 years.

This brings back one of my favorite points on Senna and Schumacher. Had Senna not passed away, what would have happened to the 94 and 95 championships? There were a number of allegations made against Benetton and MS in 94. If anything, I doubt whether Senna would have just sat back. Its very likely he would have raised his voice as well, and the FIA would have perhaps done something different.

95 would have been close. MS won it on a canter and its just a fantasy to see what would have happened had Senna raced. Alonso is now the young upstart and MS is the current Superstar and yet he won the 2005 WDC. Would it have been the same then as well? What about MS's move to Ferrari and their subsequent revival?

However, the most poignant scene was to see Alain Prost as a Pallbearer at Senna's Funeral. Equally poignant was the Brazilian Football team dedicating their win to Senna.

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