Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An argument

Recollecting that discussion I had with my 22 month old darling.

Dew - Give me Minnie (soft fluffy doll and Dew's favorite toy)

Me - No, Minnie is mine. 

Dew rushes over, snatches Minnie away and gives it a huge hug.

Me - Ok, then Dew is mine.

Dew - No, Dew is Mom's. 

Me - Noooooo, Dew is Dad's. (In a whinging tone)

Dew - Noooooo, Dew is Mom's. .... Mom's baby is Dew.

Me - Then what is Dad's?

Dew - Toys are Dad's. (In an authoritative, school principal type tone)

Me - Which ones?

Dew - Only the Lego blocks. (In a strict, and almost dismissive tone)

Now, re-read the whole post in Kannada and you will have the exact conversation that I had with the precious one. 

LOL. That made my day. 

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