Monday, July 27, 2009

Is it worth it?

Tweeting? Absolutely... Having spent the last few months mainly on twitter and spending very little time on my blog, here's what I have realized.

Twitter is good for

  1. Searching for info. Ask a question and it might get answered by a person in the know quite quickly. Not the same as IRC but still worthwhile. 
  2. Keeping upto date. This is the most useful thing. People post tons of links everyday and usually to a blog post. Today's news and "in" thing that is just made for twitter.
  3. Tracking subjects of your interest. You can search for #hashtags and with some client even follow them. That way, you get the latest info on new blog posts, interesting tidbits etc.. I typically follow techie stuff like #ruby, #perl, #emacs, #eclipse and most importantly #f1.
  4. Following what celebs do. Not all are interesting and even the interesting ones don't always share interesting things but there are always snippets of interest. For the Indian male, there is Gul Panang and Priyanka Chopra on twitter.

Twitter sucks at

  1. Creating real content. Very useful at sharing a blog post url but pretty limited at creating real big info.
  2. Talking about yourself. Its just boring to find out that someone just woke up.
  3. Archiving info. You can find that blog post from 2 years ago (and possibly even cringe), but nothing beyond a few thousand tweets on twitter.

On the whole, get on twitter if you haven't. Yes, there is a point to it and No, its not going to replace blogs and real content.

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