Friday, September 16, 2005

A new route home

I thought about a new route home. Instead of going via Ulsoor road and then onto Cubbon road, I thought about going through M G Road. Sounds crazy at first but then I tried it out for the last couple of days and found that its pretty quick. The trick is to take a left at Mayo Hall and go down Magrath road to Lifestyle before heading up Richmond road.

Like I said, I tried it out for the last two days. Yesterday the Richmond circle flyover was closed and so I had to go underneath the flyover, through Double road and then Lalbagh. That took me 30 mins. Today however, the flyover was open and I was able to get onto Lalbagh road within minutes. This meant that I was home in 25 mins. That's right!! 25 mins. Without speeding.

Mind you, yesterday it was at 9.00 in the evening and today was 9.30 by the time I left office, but the time is still very quick. If I had taken the usual route via Cubbon road, Corporation Circle, Sirsi Flyover and through Sankarpuram, I would have easily added 10 to 15 mins. To confirm if the route is a better one, I need to try it consistently at two different times - the 5.30 to 6.30 time, and the 6.30 to 8.30 time slot. If I can make it home consistently in less than an hour during the 6.30 rush hour, it will be a real time saver.
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