Thursday, September 22, 2005

Peak Traffic Test for Route 101

In a Previous Post, I mentioned about a new route home from office. I wasn't able to try it out at peak rush hour till tonight. I left office at 6.45PM, the worst time to leave.

Couple of mistakes along the way. The road from Brigade road to Magrath road is now completely blocked due to some civic works. I didn't know that and turned in towards Brigade road from Magrath road. I lost at least 5-10 minutes due to that.

Another mistake was being stuck behind buses and trucks all the way home. One of the unwritten rules of driving in Bangalore, is to never trail a vehicle bigger than the one you are driving. Bigger the vehicle, the slower it will be able to inch through traffic.

If I hadn't lost that time, I would have easily made it home in 45 mins.
What really is a time saver is the new Flyover at National College Basavangudi. Now, I can turn right a Lalbagh west gate and go up the flyover and turn right immediately onto DVG road.

45 mins is not too bad considering that it was peak rush hour. On a bike, it would easily have been 35 mins. Also considering the traffic jam on Richmond road till Vellara Junction, it wasn't too bad. It took me the best part of 10 mins to go from Lifestyle to Vellara Junction.

The traffic on Richmond road from Lifestyle to Vellara Junction is usually bad. Its not a long stretch. Just a few hundred meters, going uphill. The road is really wide, but the traffic really slows down. Luckily, there is a shortcut from Magrath road to Vellara Junction. There is a road to the right next to Wesley Tamil Church on Magrath. Take this road and he will reach St. Joseph's College of Commerce. Turn right, and you end up right up at Magrath road. But I wouldn't recommend it unless you are on a bike. The road is really narrow.
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