Monday, September 26, 2005

Wipe the dust of the seat

It had been a really long time since the bike was used. Having had a go at starting Eva's Kinetic (and failing!!), it was a good time to try out my bike. So, I'm in office having come by bike. The biggest problem was balancing the laptop bag on the rear seat..

I had lent to my cousin a few weeks back. But he returned it with a few 'observations'
  1. The Battery is dead. Yup. Thats what happens when we don't use the vehicle
  2. Brakes dont worry. Not true. The brakes are fine. Problem is that he wanted a hyper-sensitive, touch activate rear brake. Problem with keeping the brake so tight is that you tend to have nasty skids when slamming the brake. Since slamming the brake is pretty common occurance in Bangalore, its better to keep a small amount of play
  3. It makes too much noise. Well, I agree. It does sound a lot louder than most bikes. And from the sound it looks like you are going faster than you actually are. No doubt this attracted the attention of different people - cops, other teenagers, grumpy old men on chetak scooters and over zealous family members.
I need to give it for servicing soon.
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