Sunday, November 06, 2005

Can there be Paris type riots in the US?

Interesting post on that question is here.

Some people probably think that a Paris-like scene in a major U.S. city is the stuff of fairy tales. That it could never happen here. That problems like discontent and unemployment could never have the magnitude here that they have in France. That if there ever were such profound social unrest and such pressing social problems as exist in the Parisian suburbs that our "democratic" government would take immediate steps to remedy the situation, restore order, and take responsibility.

A different POV would bring up these points
  1. The Automobile Industry isn't the only tangible industry. Defence, Aerospace, Financial Services are big contributors to the US economy.
  2. For Millenia, the West has bought goods made in the East via the Silk Route. The only century in which goods did not move from East to West was the 20th Century. Outsourcing is the same in principle but magnified 100x times
  3. The beauty of the US system is the ability to adapt and create jobs. French Style economic policies are far different from what is seen in the US. That's why its unlikely that there will be 30% unemployment in the US. At least in the near future.
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