Sunday, November 06, 2005

Munnar and Thekkady - Long Weekend Getaways

After long hours of work in Bangalore, the best thing to do would be to getaway for a long weekend. One option is Thekkady. link.

A Location map is also available from here.
Given the location, one of the ways to get to Thekkady would be to catch a train from Bangalore on Friday - Kanyakumari Express, which leaves at around 9.45PM and reaches Kottayam at around 11.00 the next day. Then hire a car from the railway station or catch a bus to Kumali which is a few kms from Thekkady. Total travel costs should be around 2500/- per person. (2000/- for the Rail Ticket and rest for Bus Fare)

There should be plenty of things to do on Saturday and Sunday, before heading back on Monday evening. The same train leaves Kottayam at 4.15PM and reaches Bangalore at 7.55AM Tuesday.

Driving down from Bangalore is not really an option. The journey would be at least 11 hours by road.

Another option would be to fly to Cochin from Bangalore and then take a car or bus from the airport. Total travel costs should be around 6200/- per person (5800/- for the air fare and the rest for bus fare)

Accomodation options are here.

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