Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Newey to head to Red Bull?

The BBC reports that Adrian Newey is going to move from McLaren to Red Bull. link.

This is a weird development. Newey has been wanting to quit F1 for some time now, so that he could try his hand on other things - designing a yacht, a road car etc.

For him to move from a works team to a non-works team would be pretty sensational.
He did want to go to Jaguar in 2001, and when he was persuaded not to leave Bobby Rahal lost his job at Jaguar.

Why would he want to leave McLaren to Red Bull?
What do Red Bull bring to the table that McLaren cannot or will not?

Update: Planet-F1 says that the move has been confirmed by a press release from Red Bull. Newey to join RB in Feb 2006. link.

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