Tuesday, November 15, 2005

DaVinci's Genius

An interesting article on DaVinci's Genius. link.

Recently, a couple of teams of engineers decided to test whether or not Leonardo Da Vinci was as brilliant as everyone thought. They decided to take two of his designs, build them and see if they would work. The two designs decided upon were: A glider, and an 80 ft weapon similar to a crossbow but firing spherical projectiles. Each team was limited in the time and materials they had to use to construct their projects.

The only thing that I don't agree with the article is the mistake comparing DaVinci's Glider with the Wright Brothers' 1903 Flyer. The Wright Brothers' built the world's first heavier-than-air powered aircraft. Gliders had existed well before the Wright Brothers.

Lord Kelvin once remarked that Heavier than Air Machines were impossible. link.

Talk about having famous last words!!!

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