Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Repairs to rain affected city infrastructure in Bangalore

According to the DH, repairs to the rain affected city infrastructure will start within the next few days and will be completed within 3 weeks. link.

This fall has been particularly wet. With record rainfalls, flooding in many areas surrounding bangalore was common and many roads have been severely damaged. One must only wait and see if the promised "3 weeks" is going to be fulfilled or not, especially given the weather forecast for additional rain in next couple of days.

The reason touted has been the lack of planned infrastructure development in all areas outside the BMP (Bangalore Corporation) and BDA (Bangalore Development Authority). Technically, these areas are not part of Bangalore but come under different towns. The Govt. is now trying to amalgamate all the surrounding towns with Bangalore itself.

Hopefully, incorporating the surrounding towns into a single entity will improve the quality of infrastructure on the outskirts.

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