Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Outside the cricket grounds

The BCCI elections are finally completed and we have a winner. Sharad Pawar. Cricinfo reports. link.

This entire messy saga of who controls the BCCI is far from over. While it looks like one group has wrestled control, it will be interesting to see what happens on the ground.

As a long suffering fan, my demands are simple
  1. Make it easy for me to buy a ticket, if I want to. Have a website for goodness sake and allow me to buy online.
  2. Reduce meaningless matches and improve scheduling. The Aussie system of "world series" is pretty successful in producing great cricket
  3. Improve the grounds - both for the players and the spectators
  4. Insist on better TV coverage. The last thing I want to see is an ad blocking my view
  5. Invest in developing a great cricket team. How can a country with 1 Billion people produce a team that consistently fails?
  6. Get the stars to play in domestic cricket and make it attractive to watch First Class Cricket. If anything, work with TV channels to broadcast important matches.

Myopic View of
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