Sunday, October 16, 2005

2005 Shanghai F1 Race Winners/Losers

  1. Alonso. If the start was good every restart that followed was amazing. Made sure that nobody came even came close to him. Drove like a WDC and totally dominated the race.
  2. Fisi. Though he missed out on the Podium thanks to the changes brought about in Spa, he's the main reason that Kimi didn't win. If he kept KR back at the beginning and effectively won Renault the championship in the first 10 laps
  3. R Schumacher. Staying out when everyone else went in and to convert that into a podium from nowhere is pretty amazing stuff.
  4. Klein. Brilliant Strategy and a very clean drive.
  5. KR. Tried his best but he didn't get past Fisi in the beginning of the race. Had he gotten past he would have at least challenged Alonso. In a way, it sums up his and McLaren's season - So near yet so far.
  1. M Schumacher. To have two crashes within the span of a couple hours must be really poor esp. given that both were driver errors.
  2. Ferrari. RB did try as much as he could but for a Ferrari to finish the race behind a Jordan is really bad. Tyres cannot be an excuse, because the Jordans are also on Bridgestones.
  3. Sato. Well, this is going to his last race, unless Honda decides to put him in their second team.
  4. JV. Massa has wiped his feat all over JV this season, and this race has been equally troublesome for JV.
  5. Trulli. Whatever happened to his race? He had tyres problems but he was nowhere to be seen. Plus he finished behind a Jordan, who use a couple of evolution older Toyota engines.
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