Monday, October 24, 2005

My views of flock after a weekend of use

List of things I liked about flock
  1. Its based on firefox. That means that the advantages of firefox should be carried over here. But it also means that some of the problems with firefox turn up as well
  2. Integration with Its really pretty simple to use and helps it tagging.
  3. Posting directly to Blogger is pretty good. I was able to make a couple of posts to blogger directly through flock. I also found the wysiwyg editor quite good.
List of things that were missing
  1. The wysiwyg mode is pretty good but I do require a html view mode. Being a bit geeky, I want to have a look at the code before posting. Also, I tag such that the links appear from my account rather than technorati. This can be done by adding the html code directly rather than using the inbuilt tag manager by flock.
  2. I did find that it wasn't able to post to blogger in the beginning but then it seemed to work. I wouldn't really blame flock to much here, because for some reason my atom feed wasn't working correctly over the weekend. Only after changing my template did it start to work again and flock started working too. The gist is that since flock depends on how co operative blogger is, the blog editor will be difficult to get right
  3. Firefox extensions. I know that this just an alpha and it will take time to ensure that firefox extensions work as-is in flock.
On the whole, I really liked the integration and found the Blogger integration pretty good. Keep up the great work guys and hope there's more to come from you. But did I post this from flock? No, I used the blogger editor cause I really want the raw html editor interface as well. So, I guess I will be waiting quite eagarly until v1.0 is out.

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